17 Totally Confusing Pictures That Need An Extra Brain To Understand It

By Johny in Funny On 27th September 2015

#1 They both look the same with the same name but they are not identical.

#2 Is it a mirror or the person who made this sign is DUMB.

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#4 This shampoo is only for dogs but never try it on animals. I hope you understand.

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#5 If you want your advertisement on this sign board Contact Admin.

#6 The Person loves Mathematics. It's very hard to understand this Calculation. We need a supercomputer for this

#8 China is the part of America. I never knew that. WOW. Thanks for increasing my knowledge.

#9 Text Vs Picture. Do what picture says and follow what text says.

#10 LUNGS and BUTTS are two different things. According to helpline number it should be related to BUTT Cancer! LOL

#11 Decision in Indecision and Indecision in Decision.. WTF!!!!

#12 Wow Italian English Food. Awesome Fusion.

#13 Floor is 3rd But Real Floor is 4th.

#14 YES and NO can not be the answer of this question. If YES and NO is the answer then Is it for Gallon of GAS or Gallon of MILK? Still Confused.

#15 Congratulation!! You broke the security with the wrong password.. It's your day. Enjoy.

#16 Is it a precaution or this sign writer wants people to slip here and fall down badly?

#17 Best Chart ever for Any hotel. They need a standing Ovation. Please Stand up