17 Way Cartoon Love Is A Distorted Notion

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 28th August 2015

1. A monster turning into a prince.

Who doesn't know the well-known characters from Beauty and the Beast? That's the movie that made us believe that if you try hard you can turn a beast into someone loving, honest and sincere. Once girls grow up they fall in love with bad guys who they hope will change and become good some day. As a result, all they get is disappointment, tears, and broken hearts.

2. Waiting for the One.

Is it really worth waiting for someone who probably does not even exist at all? Do not expect a prince in shining armor to show up at your door. He does not know your address. Forget it and get real meet a guy who is not as perfect as you would like him to be.

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3. Being spontaneous is far better.

That's not always true. More often, it's wrong. Kissing or touching someone without their permission is not ok. At best, you will be called a weirdo. The worst what can happen is you might be accused of sexual harassment.

4. Love at first sight does exist!

What is it that people fall in love with when they first see someone? Merely their looks! Is it then true Love? Of course not! It takes time to get to know someone well enough to see if the person is worthy to be loved and admired. The old proverb teaches us not to judge the book by its cover and this is the advice we should all follow. So talk to the person first before you ‘decide' to fall in love with them.

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5. Guys fall for dolled up girls.

Again, rather a shallow point of view. There are far more important things girls should consider apart from nice dresses and makeup.

6. We will understand each other without words.

In the Little Mermaid you can hardly ever hear the characters talk to each other. There is no dialog yet the couple fall in love with each other and eventually get married. This is possible in fairy tales and would be absolutely insane to do in real life.

7. You can trust guys who are good at tricks.

Never. A guy who is trying to impress you with his magic carpet, wand, hat, or whatever simply considers you an idiot. Respect yourself and tell him to get lost.

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8. Kissing frogs while in search of a prince.

Yuck. Wash your mouth afterwards.

9. Constant argument and fighting makes for good relationships.

In psychology they are pretty sure to have some certain name for this phenomenon. Some couples cannot imagine their life without raising a row now and then. Is it alright to fight and waste your energy on negative emotions? Hardly.

10. Becoming a different person.

Turning yourself into someone you are not is not a wise decision to say the least. Sooner or later pretending will morally destroy you.

11. Opposites attract.

Cinderella married her Prince Charming. Two opposites attracted. That's cool. Do you know how they lived after the marriage? No one does and never will. This is exactly where the whole fairy tale ends. Find someone you have at least something in common with.

12. Should you consider the needy?

If by any chance you meet your Aladdin, be smarter than Jasmine and do not fall for him. He might be cute and fun, but what he did was he lied to her. The same thing might happen to you if you let yourself be seduced by this type of guys. You are worth much more than that.

13. Falling in love with your captor.

You cannot deal with Stockholm syndrome on your own. Professional help is needed. Why? That's because to love and worship your abuser is not only wrong, it is dangerous as well.

14. Falling in love with a guy in the dungeon.

The Flynn Rider type of guys exists only in animated Disney world. Do not search for them in reality. They might look sexy, but if they got caught and are now convicted they are probably not as smart as they think they are. Why would you need a dummy?

15. Men are more successful than women.

In Disney world men rule. They are more successful and active, richer and smarter than women. It seems that in most Disney movies the only woman's wish is to get married and be ‘happy ever after'. As if it's impossible to be happy on your own again, a very strange attitude.

16. A kiss is a solution to any problem.

You wish! Life is far more complicated than that.

17. Once I see him I’ll know that’s him.

We never see a princess date anyone. She usually meets the guy and before we know it they are married. That's constantly happening in the Utopian world of Disney movies. How on earth do they tell they are a good match?