17 Wholesome Tattoos That Transforms Birthmarks Or Scars Into A Beautiful Piece Of Art

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 27th July 2020

We live in times where anything different is not celebrated wholeheartedly. If you are different or in the words of society a person with 'defect' then chances are you will spend your life dealing with people's probing questions and unwelcoming glances every time you step out of your house. But this does not mean that you cannot celebrate your uniqueness or cannot transform your scars into something beautiful. These people turned their scars or birthmarks which they once found to be ashamed of into beautiful artistic tattoos and looking at the pictures we honestly cannot get enough of it.


#1 When you are inspired by pirate style

Instagram | @arickreesetattoos
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#2 Who does not like fairytale characters?

Instagram | @catarinaghad

#3 A little strawberry everyone?

Instagram | @natalie_emma91

#4 Mesmerizing

Instagram | @herr_lehman_tarr

#5 This is so beautiful

Instagram | @nothingwildtattoo

#6 A ghost to scare off all the demons in your life

Instagram | @girl_cute_tattoos

#7 Aesthetic

Instagram | @coco.xris

#8 Ready for a duel anyone?

Instagram | @melissa_tattoo

#9 Beautiful

Instagram | @nmike_tattoo

#10 A spilled glass of wine never looked this beautiful

Instagram | @alexanviltatattoo

#11 There is nothing fishy here

Instagram | @bubajura_tattoos

#12 All the rainbow colors in one straight line

Instagram | @chitowntattoo

#13 This is incredibly beautiful

Instagram | @shelof_tattoo

#14 Oh we love flowers!

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#15 Black rose

Instagram | @leannefate

#16 Dreamy

Instagram | @sasa_tattoo1014

#17 Whole universe captured

Instagram | @forbiddengateau