17-year-old Knocks Out Drunk Stepdad For Abusing His Mom

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in News On 6th December 2020

The clip shows the drunk stepdad cursing the mother and egging the teen to fight him. The teen at first tried to ignore but couldn't control the abuse against his mom. He knocked the man on the floor then wished him goodnight and stormed out.


Domestic violence is something that happens in so many households and it badly affects one's mental health

People facing violence that too in their own homes feel they are stuck and often want to run away. This problem is an ongoing issue and affects every person that goes through it but especially kids. 

Children are most affected when one of their parents is getting abused. That is what happened here when one teen couldn't bear his drunk stepdad continuously abusing his mom so knocked him out.



The stepdad appeared to be heavily drunk

From the body language of the abusive stepdad and the words he used, it’s clear that this person is not someone you want near your loved ones.

The video below shows the stepdad angrily throwing stuff on the floor and egging the 17-year-old to fight him.



The teenager at first decided to ignore him but when the man didn't stop abusing him, he angrily punched him to the ground.

The video shows the stepdad and son standing against each other at one point a few minutes before the monstrous stepfather was knocked down.



Stepdad was so heavily drunk that one punch made him fall to the floor

The frustrated teen wished the stepfather goodnight before storming out of the house. The clip showed the step-dad then snoring on the kitchen floor.

The clip clearly shows that the teen has had enough. Obviously, there are always two sides to the story, but from this clip, we can tell that the elderly man was very abusive.

No one should go through domestic violence or see their loved ones being abused

Instead of getting scared and mentally disturbed, it is better to teach the abusive one some lesson. 

On the other hand, the man seems wasted, but if he remembers what happened, he could have the teen arrested. But this clip shows the man calling bad words for the mother and son which justifies his reaction. We hope, this teen and his mom leaves this man for good and no longer suffer the abuse. 

It's time to no longer be scared of such abusers but to name and shame them. Keep this in mind that bullying and abuse come in various forms, so if you feel like you are being abused, you should take the stand for yourself.

Never forget that the abuser’s biggest power is in knowing that you feel powerless so prove them wrong.