18 Shameful Confessions Of Proposals

By Johny in Life Style On 21st October 2015

#1 Cake Lover. Is she eating a cake or gulping a cake. She didn't find a ring in a bite.

#2 He was trying to be over smart but we must say the most dangerous proposal ever.

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#4 She finally proposed him in jail.

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#5 He was flying in a joy and this accident happens.

#6 She rejected the proposal over text.

#7 Girl friend gifted him these shoes.. no no boots.

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#8 Netflix is perfect match maker.

#9 LOL this man is really cool. Forget middle name and add his name at the end.

#10 He was trying to be kind then after two years he still regret that decision

#11 Twins always get Advantage.

#12 It was a great time for proposal.

#13 He was proposing her in dreams but damn it. it's a day. and day dreaming is not good.

#14 WTF.. This is not a correct time of proposing.

#15 LOL. This is really awkward.

#16 Walmart is useful in some cases.

#17 Emojis Lover got proposed.

#18 Either your poem is not good or your voice is your enemy.