18 Weird Yet Incredibly Brilliant Inventions You Never Knew You Needed

Posted by Umar Yousaf in Science and Technology On 17th May 2017

Some people are legitimately called inventors. That's a real occupation. Well, you should check out these strange inventions. They're weird, shocking, and hilarious.

Here are 18 weird yet incredibly brilliant inventions

Have a look.


#1 This handy gizmo is a perfect tool for neatly cut watermelons.

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#2 Swimming just got more fun with this climbing wall.


#3 A portable toaster for a quick snack anywhere


#4 This electric egg boiler will change the way you boil your eggs.

#5 The complete invention. A crib with a rocking chair attached to it.

#6 The perfect glass for more than half of the world

#7 This mobile holder will take care of your cell phone.

#8 These magnetic hangers can be a perfect replacement for those traditional plastic hangers.


#9 A perfectly designed handy aquarium

#10 A perfect nozzle which prevents all the spilling

#11 The tiny umbrella to protect your furry friend

#12 Want to send a real kiss to your loved ones when they’re not with you? Use Kissinger.


#13 This USB portable humidifier is the perfect gift to give your loved ones.

#14 The hassle free way of using scotch tape is here.

#15 The salt and pepper shaker which works at the press of a switch

#16 More space and food with this three-level grill


#17 These tulip shaped chairs for a perfect relaxation.

#18 No more carrying a bottle in your hand when you have a bottle which fits in your pocket.