19 Pictures That Are Definitely Not Photoshopped

By Muk Khatri in Funny On 31st August 2015

#1 This guy's tiny car (that is totally his, by the way), probably gets great gas mileage.

#2 I'm totally jealous of this girl's totally real thigh gap.

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#4 Angelica is so lucky to have a chance with this guy and his sexy wobbly arm.

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#5 This sexy beast is setting unrealistic (BUT VERY REAL) expectations for men everywhere.

#6 This guy's arm is so perfect that it must be protected from the sun at all costs.

#8 This kid is so buff he has abs on his chin.

#9 And I'm totally drooling over this guy's hard-earned... wait, are those the same abs?

#10 I need this guy to help me around the house using only that arm.

#11 Couldn't you just get lost in this girl's obviously blue eyes?

#12 This kid should get off the car he's most certainly sitting on, or he'll scratch the paint.

#13 These two look like the happiest couple ever.

#14 WHOA THERE. This kid had better watch out before those lions (that he is petting, as you can plainly see) eat him!

#15 Someone needs to find this girl so she can teach me how to do eye makeup like hers.

#16 Check out these sweet new kicks that this guy is absolutely wearing.

#17 If only we could all lay our heads down in a bed like this just like this guy definitely does every night.

#18 Moses probably could have parted the Red Sea even faster if he had boobs like this girl.