19 Times New Hires Got Fired Really Fast

By Johny in Funny On 27th August 2023

A 6-Hour Saga - Late starts, extended breaks, and a disappearing act!

Speedy Start Leads to Quick Goodbye

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New Dishwasher's Regrettable Words Cause Upset

A New Employee's Unfortunate Start - From Personal Tragedy to Technical Glitches

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Unforgettable First Day...

Adventures in Night Audit!

Gaming Gone Wrong.

Unwanted Dream Revelation Leads to Swift Termination.

Quick Puff, Swift Exit.

When a New Hire's Abrasive Attitude Sparks Uproar.

Unusual First Impression at the Factory.

A famous story of "Unforgettable Checkout Tale from My Walmart Days".

When Confidence Meets Reality.

A Day 1 Speeding Ticket Mishap.

Swift Exits in Software.

Unforgettable First Day with a Tipsy Twist.

First Impressions and a Rapid Exit.

When Silence Causes a Slippery Disaster.

When New Beginnings Meet Unexpected Challenges.