20 Anime Powers Everyone Would Kill To Have

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 19th September 2015

#1. Super Saiyan

Every kid and kid at heart's dream.

#2. Hollow Form

It can probably go head to head with Goku. It did even blow hell up.

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#4. Death Note

Everyone's favorite notebook. My friend has one (not with the powers) and he writes in it the debts of his friends, including me.

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#5. Alchemy

You can turn every stone into gold and live your life like you're in Minecraft.

#6. Kuro-Sensei’s Mach 20 Speed

Traveling around the world is no problem.

#7. Kagune

This power is strong but the price is to only eat people and forget pizza. Coffee is your only alternative. Also maybe you should start practicing - what's 1,000 minus 7?

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#8. D-Mail and Reading Steiner

You can text your past self the winning lottery numbers of the day!

#9. Devil Fruit

There are many kinds of devil fruit but you probably want Logia since it's the rarest and most powerful kind. It is characterized by giving its user the ability to turn into a natural element or force of nature. But you'll have to give up on ever being able to swim again.

#10. Stand


#11. Titan Shift

If only MMA and Boxing is OP like this.

#12. Mystic Eye of Death Perception

If you don't like having a Death Note because it's too mainstream and you want to become a murdering badass, then Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is for you. With these eyes you can see the death of everything in existence as "lines or points of death". Example: You can open a safe using a knife. Just cut the line(s) of the safe and then boom! it's opened.

#13. Rinnegan

Rinnegan it is the most user friendly (if the eyes are authentic), powerful and rarest kind of all three Dojutsu. It can also control life and death and the only eye that can counter Rinne Sharingan.

#14. Teigu

Because Zanpakuto is too mainstream.

#15. Nen

With Nen, you can grow your child into a legitimate badass.

#16. Cantus

Also known as psychic powers. It's pretty convenient though, in many ways.

#17. Dress Break

Every man's dream. It does exactly what it says: breaks dresses.

#18. Banishing Shift

With this power, you can turn Goku's power level of over 9000 into 0000. It can turn all power levels into 0, could counter any attack or magic and can erase anything to nothingness.

#19. Decomposition and Regrowth

Probably the most complex OP power ever. Regrowth is an instant regeneration magic. If you are wounded right now, with Regrowth, your is back to normal like 24 hours ago with some complex magic science programming. Decomposition is the reverse of Regrowth. Being badass is not only about being OP, it's also about being a badass ninja magic programming genius.

#20. Haruhi Suzumiya’s God Powers

For both convenience and trolling purposes. Imagine an OP level of trolling.