20 Hilarious People That We Desperately Need In Our Lives To Make It A Little Better Everyday

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Life has been very uncertain for the past few months. After staying holed up in homes for nearly months now, this pandemic has gifted us with anxiety and lots of mental stress. During this time any positive story of hope or any funny posts on social media is little things that help us not lose our sanity during these crazy times. So here is your daily dose of funny posts for our readers. Happy reading people!


#1 It's the little things.

This person here has some real trust issues here.

Reddit | undercoverantichrist
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#2 "My roommate celebrates Christmas, I celebrate Hanukkah. We decided to build a compromise."

Sadly this compromise is giving very different vibes now.

Reddit | mcsassy3

#3 "Found my daughter's list in case anything happens to her older brother."

Wow, now that is some sibling love here...

Reddit | lala989

#4 "Drunk roommate was 'saving it for later'."

This guy even in his drunken state knew how pizza is life. Kudos man!

Reddit | green_spandex

#5 "My girlfriend creatively rearranged her parents wall quote after the dog destroyed her shoes."

Look at that innocent face.

#6 "The stocking my parents hung for my wife."

These parents have some really wicked sense of humor.

Reddit | akantho

#7 Marketing hilarity and genius.

Genius I would say.

Reddit | silverslimz

#8 "My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of 'em."

This kid needs a flying shoe right here.

Reddit | janepatticynmo

#9 "This is how my friend cuts his baguettes for sandwiches."

Very smooth indeed.

Reddit | frenchie23

#10 "My kid decided to be an astronaut in Ikea and my mom followed suit."

I love these kinds of people.

Reddit | junpatticynmo

#11 "Logan just turned a year old and she still loves her pacifier."

Someone is possessive about their pacifier.

Reddit | TuckerLogan

#12 "Found someone asleep at the library so I put 50 Shades of Grey in front of him."

Poor guy does not even know what just happened in front of him.

Reddit | WotUsernameIsntTaken

#13 "My mate wasn't going to his graduation due to his parent being away, so we took a budget graduation photo and stepped in as 'mum' and 'dad'."

That's what we call friends for life.

Reddit | Zoomer1997

#14 "Finally got a picture of this billboard. There's another on the opposite side of the building."

I genuinely feel for the dad here.

Reddit | LilithMey

#15 "My parents left this frame empty for too long, so I decided to fill it."

Best one so far!!!

Reddit | Narraboth

#16 "When your kid asks for a 3DS for his birthday."

Yes mom go for it!

Reddit | lundah

#17 "My family played bingo during my brother's graduation to pass the time."

And the award for the coolest family of the year goes to.

Reddit | ConiferousMedusa

#18 "My friend made a tumbler that looks like a Lysol can."

Nice trick.

Reddit | notmyrealname3737

#19 "The difference between social media and real life."

Ugh, need this sense of humor and of course the confidence in life.

Reddit | MBMV

#20 "How my aunt feels about raising her kids."

Looks left and right and then raises both hands silently.

Reddit | orange_sprinkles