20 Pictures That Prove Happiness Is A State Of Mind And Has Nothing To Do With Age

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 3rd June 2020

Just as they age is just a number, happiness is also a state of mind that happens when you practice gratitude. Feeling happy over those little things in life that put a beautiful smile on your face, let those be talking to your loved one or eating at your favorite restaurant or as simple as seeing the people you love happy and safe.

The world is living through uncertain times now. Going through pandemic and all the chaos, it has made us realize one thing. Practice gratitude. You don't know when things will change. Life has become very much unpredictable. So just be happy, love everyone, including animals and smile.

Go through the gallery and let us put a smile on your face today.


#1. “My niece has always loved pumpkins. Today, we took her to a pumpkin patch for the first time...”

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#2. “He said he was talking to his wife back home. I asked if it was a video call. He said, “No, but I see her name on the screen.”

© unknown / imgur

#3. “Happiness is a choice.”

© haidernawaz99 / reddit

#4. The face of true happiness

© unknown / imgur

#5. Puppy attack!

© unknown / imgur

#6. “Someday I want to be as happy as my daughter is in a swing.”

© T8ERTOT / imgur

#7. “I gave a local homeless musician my old first acoustic guitar. He’s so happy now that he can play whenever he wants.”

© XenithSkylord / reddit

#8. A selfie with the wind in your hair is all you need to be happy.

© bamse22 / reddit

#9. “My 92-year-old grandma said she’d never gone to see Santa. Change of plans this Christmas!”

© unknown / imgur

#10. “To the guy who won all these tickets in Niagara — you rock!”

© mandie555 / imgur

#11. “I love being creative, so here’s me happily showing my recent creation.”

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#12. He sure is happy with this bunny attack.

© M374llic4 / reddit

#13. “My cute little boy and his best friend”

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#14. A couple of weeks ago, on his ninety-fifth birthday, he said, “At least now I can stop worrying about dying young.”

© Adam_Rennie / reddit

#15. “My daughter playing in and seeing rain for the first time yesterday”

© bfs1985 / reddit

#16. One selfie, 4 big smiles

© magpiesam / imgur

#17. Nothing is more fun than bubbles!

© unknown / imgur

#18. You’d be happy too if you could make a cake like that!

© bbbbizza / reddit

#19. “My wife captured the moment of my daughter and me on the train while she was ’booping’ my nose with her’s. Pure happiness!”

© JakeBrownPhoto / reddit

#20. “My husband’s face when the hummingbird eats from his hand”

© dawnsster / reddit