20 Pointless Things to Really Get Your Blood Boiling.

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 30th September 2015


And these stairs, also made especially for ghosts.


How can those benches be used if there's no way to get to them?!

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The banana guard that only caters to one type of banana.

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These shoes, waterproof up to 1 inch of water.


These stairs go from nowhere, to nowhere.


These subtitles will help you determine what language he's speaking, but not what he's actually saying.


This building is really just one long hallway.


This cross walk will safely get people nowhere.


This door is a safety hazard for the people on the other side!


This extension cable will give you that extra inch you've always wanted.


This fence.


This fire escape will shave seconds off your escape route


This gate will keep out absolutely no one.


This handrail will help you down one step. But after that you're on your own.


This peephole is doing its job...The window is just getting in the way.


This pole, which was only created to be a nuisance.


This ramp... Is it some sick joke?


This sign answers absolutely no questions.


This windshield wiper is just trying its best.