21 Hilarious Pictures Show People Taking 4th Of July Very Seriously

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Funny

When you love to dress over the top and its 4th of July, so you celebrate it just the way you want. These funny people, who are very patriotic at heart, know how to celebrate an independence day and also party at the same time.


#1 When you gotta celebrate it, you gotta celebrate it right

“My wife immigrated here from Canada and today is her first 4th of July!”

Photo Credit: xxabsentxx / Reddit

#2 Workday on the fourth of July, no problem he has got it covered

Photo Credit: Nubboi / Reddit

#3 This man hasn't missed the celebration since 2002

Photo Credit: MsAusten / Imgur

#4 When every ounce of your existence wants to celebrate the independence day

Photo Credit: Xjcherokee827 / Reddit

#5 Age is just a number

"My grandpa in our annual 4th of July parade. He's a WWII Vet."

Photo Credit: CTomke93 / Reddit

#6 Nothing new, just the 4th of July sunset in Maryland

Photo Color: skybrocker / Reddit

#7 The furry baby is clueless but happy

Photo Credit: samiam78 / Reddit

#8 Real 'Mericans

"Real 'Mericans not only cut their grass patriotically, they paint their grass," or so says this Reddit user.

Photo Credit: KungFuDabu / Reddit

#9 Truly patriotic

Photo Credit: DeathDieDeath / Reddit

#10 Posing for their favorite day

"I asked him to hold the dog so I could take a 4th of July pic. This is how they posed for the first shot."

Photo Credit: daviebug / Reddit

#11 Like father like son

"My Dad and I went to the 4th of July parade this year just like old times."

Photo Credit: Bacon_Terminator / Reddit

#12 Just for your information this flag is made entirely of red and blue Solo cups

Photo Credit: jamesmacken / Reddit

#13 That is pure art

Photo Credit: Tang87 / Reddit

#14 4th of July cakes be like

"My attempt at making the surprise 4th of July cake. As an American working at the Canadian Embassy, it didn't go over as well."

Photo Credit: joker4u22 / Reddit

#15 Just the right pizza for the 4th of July

Photo Credit: @lilsipper / Instagram

#16 And the countdown begins..

Photo Credit: @riverton4thofjuly / Instagram

#17 Beautifully done

Photo Credit: @foodbites / Instagram

#18 The more the merrier

Photo Credit: kstebbs / Reddit

#19 A flag made of 198 beers

Photo Credit: justarandomcollegekid / Imgur

#20 Team work makes the dream work

Photo Credit: cosmopaulatan / Instagram

#21 When you wanna look American for a day

Photo Credit: DukeofEarl44 / Reddit