21 Interesting Facts About Hollywood’s Most Sensational Female Icon, Scarlett Johansson.

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 20th August 2015

#1 She went to the prestigious Manhattan Professional Children’s School.

#2 She was originally offered Natalie Portman’s role in V for Vendetta

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#4 She wasn’t picked for the lead role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because she was considered to be too beautiful.

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#5 Scarlett is a fan of Tom Waits and has released two albums: Anywhere I Lay My Head and Breakup.

#6 She had a crush on these two Davids.

#8 Johansson is actually a natural redhead.

#9 She prepared for her role in Lost In Translation by living on Japan’s Hokkaido island.

#10 She became an internet sensation just for falling down.

#11 falling in Jungle too

#12 other reason of falling down

#13 On Steps of M.j falling down

#14 She is a closet Kazoo player.

#15 The blonde bombshell has been smoking since she was 15 years old and just can’t seem to kick the habit.

#16 She was bruised after a stripper gave her a lap dance on her 21st birthday.

#17 The actress is also a lefty.

#18 She thinks the nickname ‘Scar-Jo’ is awful and she’s right

#19 Woody Allen described Johansson as “sexually overwhelming” during the filming of Match Point.

#20 Johansson and Chris Evans are tight and they have actually starred in four films together.

#21 She auditioned for Jumanji as a child but the role went to Kirsten Dunst.