21 Interesting Pictures That You Might Have Never Seen Before. Number 17 Is Amazing!

By Samantha in Amazing On 19th September 2015

#1 What happens after 20 years and a whole bunch of surgery and alcohol...

#2 Here are the Beatles and pictures of their grown sons.

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#4 140 year old mother with her five day-old son.

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#5 X-ray of a 900 pound man

#6 This picture of aerial volcano tourism in Iceland. Don't worry, the plane is actually well in front of the eruption.

#7 What may be the coolest hotel room on the planet. It's definitely the coolest hotel room in the ocean.

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#8 This is the end of the Great Wall of China at Shaghai Pass. You may have never stopped to consider that the wall had a beginning and an end.

#9 Though it may take a second look, this truck is not actually upside down. I'm sure it turns a lot of heads.

#10 Stunning picture of a volcano eruption with the Aurora Borealis dancing in the background.

#11 Abraham Lincoln before and after the Civil War.

#12 This picture showing the sheer power of a Howitzer canon firing.

#13 What may appear to be a set from Game of Thrones is actually the Fingal's Cave of Scotland. It's size, shape, and the echoes of the waves, give it an atmosphere of a natural cathedral.

#14 This Starbucks in Dubai likely puts your local coffee house to shame.

#15 Phoenix residents would be excused for thinking they were witnessing the end of days during this dust storm.

#16 A breathtaking view from the top of Angel Falls, Venezuela.

#17 What may be the first amateur selfie. This woman had no idea what she was starting.

#18 Upon first glance, this may look like concept art for a new sci-fi movie. But it's actually a school of tadpoles swimming beneath the lily pads.

#19 A fantastic shot of migrating wildebeests. Millions of these animals make this trip every year.

#20 We've grown to admire New Zealand for its natural beauty, but this sunset is just absolutely stunning.

#21 No, it's not a photograph of space. This is the Waitomo Glowworm Cave in...you guessed it - New Zealand.