21 People Whose Innocent Actions Are Here To Give Us A Major Scare

Posted by Sama in Funny On 29th March 2020

These innocent actions by people done in the best interest of others ended up on a not so good note. Here are 21 people whose actions not only gave a death scare to others but the moment captured also proved to be hilariously funny.


#1. "Towel animal left by the hotel staff"

Do you see that googly eyes too?

Reddit | OyeSimpson

#2. "On God!"

On his way to meet God.

Reddit | Shaneisaboss

#3. "We sent this cake photo (left) to a cake shop, and this is what we got (right)."

A big round of applause for the effort.

Reddit | Mohamadil

#4. "My wife looked out of our living room window and saw this... TV screen reflection lined up perfectly with her car."

When you say perfectly timed picture does not exist.

Reddit | Reflex81

#5. "Humorous, but all I can think about is what kind of monster stores their dry cereal in the fridge..."

Now, this looks really fun.

Reddit | rlprice74

#6. "Changing my own tires today."

Umm bad idea, maybe?

Reddit | masternoob96p

#7. "What is love?!"

Love summed up.

Reddit | DeadshotMF1

#8. "Years ago my brother lost his phone on a rollercoaster. Figured there was no way to know when. Then he saw the ride photo..."

Expression on point here.

Reddit | moonshine12

#9. "He'll never let you down."

So many qualities, don't know which one to choose from.

Reddit | aaronmechanx

#10. "Took a photo of the Millennium Falcon just as the lady in the scooter jumped to hyper speed!"

Picture perfect.

Reddit | mikeysweet

#11. "We went to the beach to find shark teeth, when my daughter yelled 'I found teeth!' this was the last thing I expected."

Ugh, why is she even holding it in her hand?

Reddit | ProbablyNotDrew

#12. "Surprised this guy had no escort cars."

This is probably the funniest picture on the Internet today.

Reddit | id_do_hannamontana

#13. "Surprisingly foamy bath soap!"

Someone was in the mood of nuisance.

Reddit | Danger_Barrel

#14. "So much for the 'surprise' party."

This person throwing the party is probably not good at keeping secrets.

Reddit | snolx

#15. "I was rewatching slow-mo guys and I noticed something…"

Hilarious to say for sure!

Reddit | BloxPizza

#16. "When the delivery driver makes the mistake of asking you to make him a pizza and says, 'I don’t care what kind, surprise me.'"

This is the ugliest pizza I have seen for a while now.

Reddit | toxinogen

#17. "Karen wants tickets for life. Not surprising."

Some please make Karen happy again.

Reddit | johnny-hopscotch

#18. "My grandpa passed a few years back and I was missing him, asked my grandma to send some photos.. this is what she sent. Cheered me up!"

Cool grandpa we have here.

Reddit | mrbakerfield

#19. "I was expecting to be burgled over Christmas, figure I'd not waste the criminal's time."

A note of gesture for the burglars.

Reddit | many_mishaps_melly

#20. "I left a surprise for whoever replaces the flooring next."

100 points for the surprise.

Reddit | TemperateHoosier

#21. "My toddler picked out a 'super cool hot dog card' for his favorite uncle."

This kid has a sense of humor better than most of us here.

Reddit | MostFlavorfulBond