21 Things That Happen To You When You Die

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 27th August 2015

#1 At the moment of death, this energy sucks you out of your body into a higher realm.

#2 You go up inside a chamber of thick silvery blue lights. No matter what direction you look, there’s nothing but light.

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#4 All of a sudden you know a bunch of things you didn’t know when you were alive.

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#5 The whole atmosphere is filled with a soothing hum, like hundreds of thousands of voices are singing to you but they’re so far away you can just barely hear them.

#6 There’s also a beautiful background haze of music. The sound is like soft dreamy violins and cellos, flutes and horns and harps.

#7 The light rays are friendly and have a personality: qualities like wisdom, intelligence and kindness. They seem to know and understand you.

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#8 There are Higher Beings around to greet you and help you get used to your new situation.

#9 These Higher Beings love you unconditionally. On earth people talk about unconditional love, but until you’ve actually been loved that way it’s impossible to understand the power of it.

#10 Then, it’s like someone pressed the start button on a cosmic projector and you view your life as a circular movie around you. The entire movie is playing all at once and you are the star!

#11 As you watch your whole life from your birth to your death, it’s like you have a special kind of remote. You can look here, look there, fast-forward, rewind, zoom in and out.

#12 You know how you sometimes think to yourself, “What if?” For example, ”What if I had married my first love?” You can follow all the paths you didn’t take when you were alive and see how they would have turned out.

#13 They say there’s Judgment Day after you die, but actually there’s No-Judgment Day. As you view your life, you have an absolute acceptance of yourself and everything you’ve done.

#14 After your life review, you get a new body, a body made of concentrated light.

#15 You’re not at all concerned about how you look. You just look like yourself and that’s great. Since you’re made of light, you don’t have organs or blood or anything like that. No knee problems, no liver problems, no drug problems, and no weight problems.

#16 Wisdom comes from inside you and shines out in all directions as bliss pours from your heart. You don’t have an actual heart, but it’s coming from that area. You radiate love.

#17 You meet your spiritual guide and although you never met on earth, you know each other. Your guide’s hands reach out and welcome you home.

#18 You are reunited with your wife or husband, family and friends, and it’s even more loving than it was on earth.

#19 You meet your pets.

#20 You realize that death isn’t as serious as it seems because you are eternal — you will go on.