21-Year-Old Man Arrested Outside His Home After Allegedly Plotting To Murder And Cannibalize An Underage Girl

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This guy from Texas placed a post on the dark web where he expressed his interest in necrophilia and cannibalism. He provided his two email addresses and asked people willing to help facilitate his fantasies to contact him. He was contacted by an undercover agent who pretended to be the father of an underage girl. The agent offered his daughter, the man discussed with him his plans to rape kill, and eat the minor girl. The time and day were set, but he didn't know he was being traced. When that day came, the monster man came out of his house to reach the hotel where he was immediately arrested by the police.


#1 21-year-old guy arrested for plotting to murder and cannibalize an underage girl

A 21-year-old man, Alexander Barter, was arrested after he plotted a dangerous plan to kill, rape, and eat a young girl.

He was exposed by an undercover agent who pretended to be a father offering his underage girl. 


This all started when Barter posted on the dark web about his interest in necrophilia and cannibalism. He also provided two email addresses in the post, asking any person willing to help facilitate his fantasies to contact him.


There was also an undercover agent on the web pretending to be a parent. The agent replied to the post offering his ‘underage daughter’ to Barter.

Barter replied to the officer;

“Nice! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? Can we kill her?”

Barter discussed through the emails about his plan to meet the ‘father-daughter duo’ at a hotel in Joaquin, Texas.

Barter told the agent, pretending to be a parent, to drop off his daughter and then return home. He also told him to report the girl missing to the cops, and to purchase a burner phone and bring a change of clothes.

Barter said in one of the emails;

“I’m not going to change my mind about this. I really want to do this.”


Little did this monster knew that the guy pretending to be a dad is an undercover officer. Barter very openly discussed with the officer about his plans to rape, kill, and eat the underage girl. 

On the other side, the detectives started tracing his emails. In order to learn his true identity, the detectives subpoenaed information about the username of the person making the plans. Then the officers contacted the service provider and then made the connection to Barter.

When the day Barter had planned to commit this horrible crime came, he was arrested by the cops right outside his house as he was leaving for the hotel. 

The police found a knife and a plastic trash bag with him. Upon investigating, Barter confessed to discussing the crimes online. Prosecutors then booked Barter at Shelby County Jail on four charges: First-degree criminal solicitation, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, and second-degree attempted sexual act to a child.

Speaking of the Barter’s disturbing case, District Attorney Stephen Shires said:

This terrible incident is another reminder that parents should always remain vigilant and know what their children are doing [online].”

“The dark web, and the individuals that operate there, pose an increasing threat to the safety of our kids.”