24 Confusing Pictures Snapped At The Perfect Moment

Posted by Sama in Funny On 23rd March 2020

These pictures are the perfect definition of being in the right place at the right time. Looks at these pictures and tell us which one of these leaves you more confused.


#1 Did you meet the cat with four eyes yet?

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#2 Advertisement done at the right time


#3 Oh look, these ducks are melting in the heat!


#4 It looks like the truck is carrying giant Cookie Monster

#5 Relax, it is not a dog

#6 Is that real fire or just a reflection of sun setting?

#7 Oh well he is not at fault. The skinned chicken do resemble him

#8 If a perfectly timed picture had a face


#9 Warning it's a scam

#10 Yeah right...very well played

#11 Water doing its trick

#12 Picture perfect summed up


#13 Haters will say it is photoshopped

#14 Not a very funny joke

#15 This dog has blended perfectly in the background

#16 One word: Adorable


#17 Umm can someone tell us why a tortilla is wearing a cap here?

#18 Darth Vader making an exclusive appearance

#19 What has shocked the palm tree so much?

#20 *Goosebumps*


#21 So beautiful

#22 This eraser looks like perfect scenery with birds

#23 Very giant pigeons

#24 We really hope this is just a trick our brain is playing and it is not what it appears to be