24 Pictures Before And After Coronavirus That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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With the economies failing and world market struggling, 2020 has begun with a not so good beginning. Thousands of people have lost their lives so far because of Coronavirus. With the panic and chaos in the world, everyone is confused and scared about how to handle this frightening situation. WHO has confirmed that this virus is highly contagious and has warned people that if they avoid public gatherings they can also avoid the risk of catching the virus. Following the recommendations of WHO, many public and famous tourist places around the world have become empty and looking at these pictures with no people are going to send chills down your spine.


#1 Kaaba in the city of Mecca, Islam's holiest shrine on August 2018

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#2 Kaaba on March 6, 2020


#3 St. Peter's Square in Vatican City during the weekly Angelus prayer on Jan. 19


#4. Saint Peter's Square now

#5. Tokyo's Sensoji temple packed with visitors last April

#6. The temple now

#7. St. Mark's Square in Venice overrun with tourists last June

#8. St. Mark's Square this morning


#9. The Square's namesake basilica in June

#10. And the basilica today

#11. Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong in August 2015

#12. The resort, temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, last week


#13. Tokyo Disneyland on Feb. 28

#14. And Tokyo Disneyland the very next day after closing down

#15. The Tokyo Dome packed with worshipers during Pope Francis's visit last November

#16. The Tokyo Dome late last month during a professional baseball game being played without spectators


#17. Tourists in Milan's Piazza del Duomo in October 2017

#18 Now not a single soul in sight

#19. Tiananmen Square in Beijing in April 2013

#20. Tiananmen Square completely empty last Saturday


#21. The Roman Colosseum in April 2019

#22. The Colosseum last Sunday

#23. New York's Grand Central Station, usually filled with commuters

#24. The Main Concourse a little after 7 o'clock this morning