24 Things You Only See On Public Transit

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 22nd October 2015


Just a man and his bunnies.


He probably thought this would be really fun,

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Remember, every bus has at least one unidentified stain.

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What, doesn't your bus leak mysterious green ooze?


Even knowing this is a trick photograph,


If you look closely, you'll see we found the culprit from the last hair incident.

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And we'll leave you with his majesty, the king of the bus.


Well, he seems very close to that mannequin.


As weird as the bus can be, sometimes you want to stay on.


Sometimes, there aren't enough hours in the day to get ready.


If your ride's a little long, it's a good idea to bring some fine literature with you.


We begin with something that obviously took a lot of work.


Apparently, this is part of a Penn State event called Headcase.


She'll have a nasty surprise when she tries to get up.


Yeah, I'm with the kid on this one.


White Chocolate (and his bird):


People who don't understand the concept of highlighting:


Whatever this thing is:


This guy spending trying to enjoy some alone time:


This woman eating an entire jar of mayo. Like, not with anything. JUST the mayo:


People who steady themselves with their butts:


A man who is REALLY enjoying his trashy erotic novel:


People with tiny cars saving gas money: