25 Crazy High Heel Designs That Are Awesome Yet Terrifying

By Editorial Staff in Fashion On 15th October 2015

#1 For when you need a little balance and want to stretch your ankles out!

#2 These have got to HURT the feet! My only question is WHY?

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#4 A little S&M, a little bling. These just about nailed it!

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#5 Proud member of the NRA!

#6 Gravy boat or shoe? Either way, it's weird!

#7 Give a girl a fish and she'll cook it. Give her a pair of fish shoes and she'll walk to the store and buy her own fish.

Don't Miss

#8 Sling shot, sling back, sling toed... looks a little Asian and pretty steep.

#9 For when your feet need a place to sit down.

#10 Designed by Christian Grey?

#11 Call the PoPo... These flashers are just Fugly!

#12 For the "Little Mermaid" in the working woman.

#13 So she let her 6 year old son design her shoes and this is the result. It's a HIT!

#14 You scream, I scream, we all scream over these crazy heels!

#15 Is this just absurd or what? Octopus heels. Can you wear them on land?

#16 For that woman who is a real tech geek.

#17 Nay! You feel the need to wear hooves to work? Stay home and get some therapy.

#18 Cleopatra style!

#19 These look fun. Just slip (and slide) into these baby's and you're on your way!

#20 He has the weight of your entire body on his shoulders. Isn't that enough?

#21 Take me down to Funky Town.

#22 Hey! Now these have real appeal!

#23 Bound for glory. The woodworker had a few scraps he needed to use up anyway.

#24 Rock On! Let your feet be a pop singer and feel just like Beyonce. Whip your hair back and forth while you prance around the office.

#25 Are these really just tall hush puppies?