25 Easy And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks We Can't Get Enough Of

Posted by Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY

Saving money is one of the main reasons why we love DIY projects and hacks so much. One of the main suppliers for said projects is definitely the dollar store. So, if you love the dollar store, you're going to really enjoy the list of hacks below.


#1 Use some picture frames to make a terrarium.

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#2 If you love the timeless glam gold spray paint creates, why not use it to turn boring plastic chargers into something fit for a queen?


#3 Can't find the perfect chip and dip bowl for your Super Bowl party? No worries! All you need to do is find a separate bowl and glass, put them together, et voilà — instant elevated chip and dip service!


#4 Wrapping paper can be a real pain in the you-know-what to store, but thanks to plastic garment bags that are conveniently available at most dollar stores, that's a problem you no longer have to worry about.

#5 Organize crayons by color with popsicle trays.

#6 Use wooden skewers to transform a dollar store mirror into something you'd expect to find at HomeGoods! All it takes are a couple coats of pretty spray paint to seal the deal.

#7 Manila folders + chopsticks = modern lamp.

#8 Dropcloths can be curtains.


#9 Cookie sheets are not only inexpensive, but they're also magnetic. This means they can be used to store, display, and organize a wide variety of magnetized things.

#10 I wish I could shop until I drop at Pottery Barn, but my bank account wouldn't appreciate it. If you're in the same boat, give this knock-off DIY a try using dollar store mirrors and duct tape.

#11 Cover oddly shaped kitchen items with shower caps.

#12 Skip the standard cutlery drawer organizers (you know, the ones that never seem to work for anyone) and grab a few plastic baskets from the dollar store to use instead!


#13 Like cookie sheets, hanging shoe racks can be used in a variety of ways. From storing cleaning products and snacks to beauty essentials, they're an organized penny-pincher's BFF.

#14 Give your phone the stand it deserves by cutting a hollow plastic toy in half and gluing a suction cup to the top portion of its legs.

#15 Give a plain dollar store vase a fresh new look by simply using some painter's tape and the paint color of your choice! This crafty DIYer opted for gold leaf and it looks amazing!

#16 This is such a cool, resourceful, and creative idea! Every dollar store probably carries compacts, which means this homemade mirror is totally doable, and for a great price!


#17 Cups can be custom modular storage.

#18 Premade topiary trees can be quite expensive. Seriously, the next time you're in a decor store like HomeGoods, take a look and see for yourself! Thankfully, this DIY version is here to save the day — and your bank account.

#19 The only thing you can't get from the dollar store for this hack is the waterproof silicone sealer. When you think about how much a mat like this would cost in most home improvement stores, I'm OK with that.

#20 Mirrors become little boxes with just a little help from your good old friend, the hot glue gun.


#21 The holes in old-fashioned cheese and sugar shakers are perfect for floral arrangements! A quick spray painting session is all it takes to give them a fresh, clean look.

#22 Find a microfiber towel and sew it into a Swiffer cover.

#23 Hot glue and rope are the only things you need to transform a generic dollar store trash can into the perfect coastal accent for any space.

#24 Binder clips can hold your cables.


#25 Pencil grips make crochet hooks more comfortable.