25 Incredible Photos That Look Fake But Are Actually Real

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 12th October 2015

#1 Trees in Schonbrunn Park

#2 No, this boat isn't floating on air.

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#4 An incredible frozen pond in Switzerland.

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#5 A sculpture in New Zealand designed to look like a cartoon.

#6 Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China

#7 A sculpture of falling books by Alicia Martin.

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#8 Not two roads, but timber reflecting in a puddle.

#9 Hausmannian building Paris during it's renovation in 2007. (A canvas was placed over the building to hide the renovation.)

#10 A dress from a Viktor & Rolf collection.

#11 A man dropped potato snacks into a cup of coffee and this bird appeared.

#12 A huge sinkhole in Guatemala City

#13 Phytoplankton glowing on Maldives Beach

#14 Trees after a toxic waste spill in western Hungary.

#15 Mammatus clouds — like bubble wrap in the sky.

#16 A 3-D Grass Globe Illusion at Paris City Hall.

#17 When your outfit matches the beach.

#18 It's all about (puppy) perspective.

#19 A certain algae turned this pond pink in Lake Retba, Senegal.

#20 Which side of this room in France do you prefer?

#21 When the forest creates its own sculpture.

#22 A Morning Glory cloud formation taken from a plane near Burketown in Australia.

#23 A chicken of the Cemani Ayam breed.

#24 Would you be brave enough to walk on this floor art?

#25 Glass gem corn, which is actually a form of popcorn.