25 Mildly Infuriating Moments That Will Piss You Off A Little More This Week

By Samantha in Fails On 27th April 2023

Uh-oh I don't think this is how it works

Photo: u/WealthyBigPenis22

I can feel the pain in the picture

Photo: u/iceterrapin
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Photo: u/RebeltheRobin

Hah, the joke is on you!

Photo: u/HWills612
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Photo: u/Po0rYorick


Photo: u/PleasantCup507

Guess the joke is on us now

Photo: u/Microbrewcity

This picture is triggering my OCD

Photo: u/SpicyKittyNoodles

Inflation for you

Photo: u/Rude-Negotiation-487

Some bargaining skills we see here

Photo: u/chrisashley91


Photo: u/TheLodgeRemembers

What is happening here?

Photo: u/mertagh


Photo: u/AtticusAesop

I feel for you man!

Photo: u/tjctjctjc

OMG hope this person is alive

Photo: u/RandyBoBandy___

This is not good

Photo: u/Celery_Squid

Please you can steal but be mindful about throwing away the tags

Photo: u/Kleorah

Now I am also confused

Photo: u/menotsorrythrowaway

A big LOL for this one

Photo: u/KennyMcCormick

Hahahaha when you have too much time on your hands

Photo: u/spillthebeans01


Photo: u/OllieSDdog

Dad being straightforward when it comes to help

Photo: u/deleted

Something about this picture is very unsettling for me

Photo: u/thewisestgoat


Photo: u/On_Mercury

The pain is real

Photo: u/ItsDaBunnyYT