25 People Who Are Definitely Having A Day Much Worse Than You

By Samantha in Fails On 27th July 2022
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#4 Got to my apartment from work during a rainy day to find a roof leak right over my laptop.

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#5 Someone locked my bike with their own bike lock.



 First night of vacation and we go to pull out the sofa bed for the kids, hear a loud crunching sound… Son’s iPhone fell between the cushions and got caught in hinges of bed frame.


#7 Ordered my kid a 6 piece nugget meal, this is what he got in his nugget box.


#8 Charging my JBL speaker before leaving on a beach trip when it blew up.


#9 Late for work. Shut the fridge door too hard. Knocked a wine bottle off of the fridge and hit my coffee. Bad morning.


#11 Thinking about burritos all day. Come home from work and microwave my last one. Completely hollow.


#12 $400 window replacement to steal a pair of $20 headphones I found at Goodwill.


#15 What’s the worst thing to find after you took the last batch of cookies out? The real cinnamon.



My pork ribs dinner. Unsure if stress causes short term memory loss but I put ribs on, logged into work and here we are two hours later with grill at full blast.



I finally got a (secondhand) laptop that works decent for school today and I slipped on the charger and dropped it off the bed. It only half works now.


#19 Stuck in an elevator for hours after working a long shift at the hospital.


#20 The cake I spent 1h to make. At least I’m sure it’s not too dry.


#21 Amazon sent me a used Beats headphone that someone swapped and returned.


#23 It’s 3:00AM. Everyone’s asleep and I’ve been trying to get out of my room for 30 minutes.


#24 Always fun when you’re in a rush and this happens to your jeans.


#25 Sunk my four wheeler while looking for my phone…that also sunk.