25 Photos That Prove Japanese Wrestling Is The Most Insane Sport The World Has Ever Seen

Posted by Editorial Staff in Sports On 1st March 2017

Even fans of professional wrestling in America are quick to admit that it's a little...out there. The costumes, the body oil, the ridiculous plot lines, and the scripted outcomes turn the whole thing into a spectacle more than a sport.

But if you think it’s the craziest thing the sports world has to offer, then you haven’t seen how professional wrestling is done in Japan. It’s nothing short of bonkers.

Take everything that’s done in WWE here in America, then make it weirder AND more random, then put it in front of smaller crowds.

Words don’t really do the whole experience justice, so you’ll want to check out the photos below. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’ll leave you scratching your head.

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