25 Teenagers Who Grew Out Of Their Rebellious Emo Phases And Living Settled Lives Now

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 23rd February 2020

Each one of us here can relate to the rebellious teenage phase. That dark period of our lives when destructive thoughts were always on our minds. It was tough and difficult to handle but it was a phase and we grew out of it. It was just a phase where we were growing and our emotions were hard to handle and were just trying to figure ourselves out. Here are 25 people who shared these throwback pictures of their emo days and their present selves. Go through these and see how much you can relate to them.


#1 Me And My Girlfriend When We First Met Vs. Now. The Regretful Emo Phase

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#2 Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015)


#3 Then I Was Studying To Become A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab, Blink. Now I'm A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab And Blink.


#4 I'm The Mom To A Neat 4-Year-Old, I'm Married, And I'm The Manager Of A Local Convenience Store. All Things I Told Myself At 15 That I'd Never Do.

#5 If I Talked To Myself 8 Years Ago And Said You Would Cut Your Hair And Become Part Of The Fire Department I Would've Never Believed Myself

#6 After The Whole Emo Stuff I Went To A Videogame School, Learned To Code. Now Am Working At An Awesome Startup. Definitely a Phase.

#7 Emo. Goth. Emo. Emo. Marketing Consultant

#8 Work As An Administrative Coordinator For A Fortune 500 Company And Up Until Now Never Noticed It Wasn't Really A Phase


#9 Became An Infantryman For The US Army. Going To College, Studying International Security And Conflict Resolution

#10 Hated Life, Wore Black, Insulted Anyone Who Listened To Britney Spears. I'm In My Second Year Of My PhD. Also, Love To Rock Out To Britney Spears

#11 I Was Super Scene/Emo As A Teenager. Now A Full-Time Web Developer And Mom To A 4-Year-Old

#12 This Was Me In My Emo. Now I Work A Corporate Job To Pay My Studies As A Web Developer And Designer. I Am A PartTime Model And Aspiring Actress


#13 Me When I Was 15/16 And Now: 21 Year Old And Working In Some Carpenter Job

#14 Early 2000s And Now. I'm In The US Military Now As An Mp. Specifically US Air Force

#15 I’m A Tax Consultant At A Big-Four Accounting Firm

#16 I'm A Special Education Teacher For High School Freshmen. I Teach Kids Like I Was How Not To Do The Things I Did. So Far, So Good.


#17 I'm A Proper Grown Up Now, Working As A Trainer For The Bank, Buying My First Property. Still Feel Like A Filthy Wee Emo Though

#18 Before - Year 2005, My 18 Year Old Emo Self. After - Year 2015, I Am A Loving Father And Husband. What A Difference 10 Years Can Make

#19 All That Hair And Makeup Practice Back Then Really Helped Me Become The Hairstylist And Makeup Artist That I Am Today

#20 I’m Working Towards An Associates Degree In Mortuary Science


#21 I Used To Listen To Billy Talent And Claim To Be A Struggling Writer Because It Sounded Cool.Now I Listen To Led Zeppelin And A Struggling Writer

#22 I'm Now 27, Started My Family Earlier This Year, Moving Into A House In 9 Days, And I'm Studying To Become A Laboratory Technologist

#23 I Was Pretty Damn Weird In High School. Now I Work At Home Depot On The Night Shift Trying To Figure Out What To Do Now

#24 I Am Now A Lover Of Fashion As Well As A Government IT Analyst. I Still Listen To The Old Shit With The Addition Of Post Hardcore And Djent


#25 I Might Be Even More Rebel With My Clothing Now Than I Was Back Then. Not In This Picture Tho :)