28 Elegant Simple Tattoo Ideas

By Teresa Thomerson in Fashion On 1st October 2015

#1 Faith Rules

Believe in the Almighty and break all chains of insecurity with this tattoo and have the wings of hope on you.

#2 Star Gazer

Gaze at the world and enjoy the attention you would get when your girl is with this beautiful tattoo on her body.

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#4 Trapped Threads

Ensure that you have nothing to rue about and nothing to waste. Leave all the entanglements and focus only on the goal.

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#5 Clever Intentions

Show your clever side up and endorse it with this unique way of tattooing which is elegant as well as simple.

#6 Infinity

Break away from inhibitions and soar high up in the sky with expectations. Show it off with this beautiful tattoo.

#7 Winged Wonder

Fly high and never give up and believe that you can if you want. Affirm all your thoughts with this simple tattoo on your body.

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#8 Masked Impression

Camouflage your innermost desires and exhibit your outer calm front. The world would be at your feet just by your experience.

#9 Female Bonding

Bond with the best and bond well. Enjoy the simple pleasures of asking for the best and getting better than what you expected.

#10 The Letter

Engrave a letter of your choice but do not let it be known. Fire up the passion within and express your desire through this lovely tattoo.

#11 Rocket Science

Rise up above the rest and charge with the energy of an unknown force. Bask in the presence of explanations and leave the rest to the world.

#12 Loud Thoughts

Speak aloud to yourelf and let the world hear it. You are what you think you are and what you believe you could be.

#13 Triple Boons

Wear it on you and keep the world guessing what your real intentions are. Enjoy all the attention you would get and keep the appreciation coming.

#14 Conviction

If you believe in yourself, you would believe in the rest. Only if you have the capacity to laugh at yourself would you be able to go ahead in life.

#15 Crossed Deal

Make sure you do not mix up anything in life with this straight deal of a tattoo with a cross. Who would dare to defy Nature?

#16 Entangled

Speak about your love and let emotions flow with the help of this beautiful tattoo with a symbolic heart.

#17 Ingrained View

Etch it on yourself to show how much expressing oneself means to you. Once you have it ingrained within you , you have nothing to worry about.

#18 Aviary Delight

Fly into the paradise of hope and ambition and soar high into the sky of stars and be the cynosure of all eyes with this design.

#19 Stitched Honour

Let this symbol of a needle and thread be indicative of the intentions you have. Top it with a confident attitude and you are sure to turn a few heads.

#20 Fairy Tale

Like all good endings this also believes in unity in spirit. It is this that keeps people going towards the never ending path of wisdom and truth.

#21 Pedalled Wishes

Pedal your way towards achieving better results and be ahead of the world which gives you great passion and extreme pleasure.

#22 The Emblem

Make a mark and make it sharp, tell the world and tell it softly, believe in the power above.

#23 Reflections

What you think determines how you are. Think well, stay well and understand that you are as much a part of Universe as the Universe is a part of you.

#24 Special Creation

Create that enigma of charm and grace and allow the world to follow you wherever you go. Make sure the tattoo is well placed.

#25 Blue Charm

Let your life soar high with this tattoo and let your life be good too. Go ahead of the rest and put it across the winning line.

#26 World Is At Your Feet

When the world is at your feet , why should you worry? Have this beutiful tattoo on the body and enjoy all the looks you would get.

#27 Dark Magic

Create the magic by getting this tattoo on yourself. Enjoy all the results of good magic and spread it around you.

#28 Toeing The Line

Toe the line and be under control of your emotions. Let your feet do all the talking with this meaningful tattoo on the feet.