3 Of The Biggest Myths About Food

By Muk Khatri in Food On 14th May 2018

#1 Eating Carrots = Superhuman Eyesight

A false myth, carrots do contain high amounts of beta-carotene which our body store as vitamin A.

This nutrient does have a real effect on your eyesight, however, eating tons and tons of carrots isn't going to give you superhero level vision either.

The right amount keeps eyes healthy, but too much can actually be dangerous.


#2 Celery Has Negative Calories

A very false myth. This notoriously fibrous veggie does take some work to chew but eating it isn't going to burn more calories than it contains.

According to food network's healthy eating blog celery does contain several essential vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C and potassium and yes fiber.

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#3 You Can't Swim For Half An Hour After Eating

It's just not true. The extra energy and blood flow directed to your digestive system to help it do its thing are not enough to restrict it to other parts of the body or keep muscles(like the ones you need to swim), from functioning properly.