30 Cringey 'Oh-So-Cool Fashion' Trends From The 90s That Will Leave You Questioning Your True Taste In Fashion Now

Posted by Sama in Fashion On 20th May 2020

With the changing times, we have seen some really crazy fashion trends. From the dangerously low pants to weird shutter glasses to super-thin eyebrows, we have seen it all and as embarrassed as we are to say this, we have actually been a part of such fashion trends too. Today we have collected some of the hit fashion trends from the 90s and as you go down the memory lane through the gallery, take your chance at redemption after seeing such heinous crime in the world of fashion.


#1 Rat tails and mullets.

Rat tails and mullets were the hairstyles that were considered the coolest in their times but we can safely assure you now that these are the particular hairstyles that we can never forgive or forget.

Instagram | @kohlfromsd

#2 Shutter shades.

Wonder how one even managed to see through these oh so cool shades of that time.

Instagram | @mcgrim_arte

#3 Bell bottoms.

Well, whether you agree with this or not but this was a really cool trend back in those days.

Instagram | @noteworthygarments

#4 Flame bowling shirts.

Reminds us of flaming hot Cheetos now.

Instagram | @bladeshopper

#5 Dickies.

Ugh...that one old trend that recent generations have only heard of because cousin Eddie wears one in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Clothes on Film | Clothes on Film

#6 Velour tracksuits.

This was the package of all the cool high school girls back then.


#7 Gaucho pants.

Oh else remembers their childhood where they were forced by the moms to wear these horrible pants.


#8 Platform sandals.

This is one fashion trend of those old days which almost all of us religiously followed and I am ashamed to say that I belong to one of these people. Also, not to forget, how uncomfortable these sandals clearly were.

shoes.aaasne | 90s Shoes

#9 JNCO jeans.

Who else here is a product of JNCO generation?

Instagram | @sil138_

#10 Overly thin eyebrows.

This is one trend that I wish should get a lifelong ban now.

Instagram | @yasminejabakhanji

#11 Ultra low-rise jeans.

Oh, that dangerous zone of low rise pants. Whether you agree with this or not but whoever wore these pants was always worried about putting up an unintentional butt crack show.

Getty Images | KMazur

#12 Sweatpants with words on the bum.

We are too ashamed to pass any comment here. so, yeah pass, please!

Poshmark | @ashleyr1983

#13 Pocket chains.

The only good thing this style can ever have is the spacious pockets and nothing else.


#14 Happy Bunny sweatbands.

They were sweet but corny too.

Depop | bodecious

#15 Massive shoulder pads.

This is one trend that I will never understand why anyone came up with?

Instagram | @retroizmo

#16 Italian charm bracelets.

Needless to say, these were beautiful except the part where they keep on tugging the hair on your wrist and you will be in constant discomfort because of these.

Instagram | @ailujheath

#17 Bandanas worn like this.

This was part of the cool gang look back in those days.

Getty Images | Dave Benett

#18 Ruffled mini skirts.

This style was and will always be an insult to true fashion lovers.

eBay | kelmcfly7

#19 Plastic jelly bracelets.

Yeah they were ugly!

Instagram | @madame_danni

#20 Spikey rubber earrings.

Okay, I really don't get this. Why were we so obsessed with plastic and rubber items back in those days.

Etsy | KyrasColorfulJewelry

#21 Tiny sunglasses.

Tiny sunglasses for our not so tiny faces.

Instagram | @kaylaschaos

#22 Knee-high socks.

On the bright side, they can be utilized well for cosplay.

Instagram | @satanlilcosplayer

#23 Von Dutch trucker hats.

This was the coolest hip thing that everyone wanted in those days.

Instagram | @bekas_pantas

#24 American Eagle cable knit clogs.

Well, to peak on their behalf, they were pretty comfortable.

American Eagle Blog

#25 Scene.

This looks really really bad. It reminds me of a bird now. Not in a good way though.

Twitter | @mmmkikikannibal

#26 This whole look.

One fashion advice for the young generation now. Skirt and jeans can never go together. Period.

Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

#27 Grills.

Absolutely useless trends of that time.

Instagram | @blinglabel

#28 Baggy jeans.

It makes me want to gag now after being reminded of this.

Instagram | @baggyboy87

#29 Popped collars

Looking a=hot and cool at the same time was quite easy back in those days. All you had to do was wear popped collars to school and voila, you suddenly turn into a jock.

#30 Crocs.

There is no doubt that crocs are very comfortable. But in terms of fashion sense, they are a big no.

Instagram | @ _rimha_