30 Funny Tweets That Show Why It Sucks Being The Eldest Sibling In The Family

Posted by Sama in Funny On 15th March 2020

We all know what it means to be the eldest sibling in the family. You have to fulfill your family's expectation, be the role model for your younger siblings and always be the perfect, obedient child of the family. People are now sharing the unfair and biased situations they have faced in their families because of their parents and are sharing examples of how differently their parents treated them and their younger siblings. Read these tweets and don't forget to share your own experiences with us.


#1 Abby Govindan first started the thread on Twitter


#2 Unite and demand better conditions


#3 Truth has never been spoken

#4 As sad as it sounds


#5 Not fair mom, not fair

#6 It's always the elder siblings' fault, no matter what

#7 What can we say..we don't live in a fair world

#8 Seriously mom?

#9 Sent to rehab because mom saw a drunk video on poor guy's phone


#11 Maybe mom realized she went way too far with her elder child

#12 What on Earth is even an educational PowerPoint pres about FB??

#13 Eldest siblings are always the poorest in the family

#14 That comment of "be nicer" though

#15 Like seriously, how parents change rules for their younger kids

#16 Like what?

#17 Why elder siblings always have to pay for their things?

#18 "felt left out"

#19 Yeah mom we get it!

#20 WHAT

#21 Dude you should be

#22 No way!!

#23 Ugh that is so not fair

#24 Discrimination is a small word for this

#25 It's sad how parents bend their rules for younger kids of the family only

#26 I can still feel my mom's gaze burning a hole in my body when I say a curse word

#27 Yeah well what to expect from parents when it comes to younger kids of the family

#28 I am so mad after reading this

#29 It's not easy being the eldest in the family

#30 A big round of applause for the mom here