30 Moments From Daily Social Distancing Diaries That Really Say Something About Society

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 26th March 2020

#1 Yes nice try to avoid people at work

During these times of quarantine, we are seeing the face of society in a new light. It is not so bad but not completely positive too. From people volunteering to help others in these social distancing times, there are people who have made sure to hoard on daily life necessities and sell them with profit. Yes, such people exist too.

Here are pictures from the society, go through the gallery and interpret the situation according to your thinking.

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#2 I am sure they are trying to make a point here

Reddit | BlueWoof

#3 Drinking and Social distancing diaries part I

Reddit | mumblewrapper

#4. "Brother got this as tip doing DoorDash"

Reddit | MasterGGM

#5 At least social distancing is proving me to be useful in some way

Reddit | rae77777

#6. Raiders Of The Lost Cubicle

Reddit | LKIkost

#7 "It looks like I'm not the only one who would rather die..."

At least these people have their priorities sorted even during the apocalypse.

Reddit | andybev01

#8. "This lady is out getting supplies."

Nowadays when you re out shopping at the mart you will find all sorts of characters.

Reddit | moldibread

#9. There Is No Hope For Us

Reddit | Zer07042

#10. "Unicorn hazmat suit."

Reddit | PabloFaja

#11. "Went to the shop last night. Every aisle had been picked clean apart from this... People are idiots."

Reddit | Cha7l1e

#12. "My grandparents have been married for 67 years...handling this quarantine well."

Reddit | Haggerjp

#13. "My buddy was cleaning out his desk while at home during the quarantine, and found a $50 gift card!"

Reddit | Juztaan

#14. "My wheels just got stolen."

Reddit | Neemo53

#15. "Why Is There Braille On The Number Pads On Vending Machines When They Can't See The Numbers For What They Want?"

Reddit | P3SARI

#16. We're Doomed

Reddit | rotten_pickles_

#17. I get the feeling they couldn't decide which movie quote they wanted to use for this, so they went with both.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

#18. The pleasant surprises

There have been a lot of unexpected side effects of this whole Coronavirus business, but the increase of dinosaurs walking the streets has to be one of the more pleasant ones.

#19. It's always nice to see people looking out for each other, especially right now.

Reddit | peeled_peas

#20. This guy's birthday happened to fall on a time when he was self-isolating, so this is how he celebrated.

Reddit | Brak23

#21. A lot of places are keeping all non-essential personnel home, but this is what it looks like to be essential.

Reddit | EchoesOfSilenceXO

#22. While it's very encouraging to see a renewed respect for healthcare workers lately, some remain pretty modest about it.

Reddit | RedDirtNurse

#23. As we can see, a lot of people are less than satisfied with how the president has responded to this whole crisis.

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#24. Ever since people have had to quarantine, a lot of them have taken to knitting to pass the time.

Reddit | nicotinewizard

#25. As many more people work from home now, a lot of them are seeing a lot more video conferencing.

Reddit | RichardBachmanuk

#26. That trade-off is probably why this person found a more subtle way to fade into the background.

Reddit | Ully97

#27. I guess this seems like a reasonable enough request, but I really want to know the story behind why they had to make it.

Reddit | 9thwonder17

#28. This could've ended very badly, but at least one person who handled this paint company's marketing understood what optics are.

Reddit | Randolm

#29. Someone brought us all the way back to childhood with this one.

Reddit | ManILoveFarming

#30. For this guy's 15th birthday, he wanted to find a responsible way to party.

Reddit/ PaulyPickles