30 People Who Tried To Fool Us Big Time But Failed Miserably At It

Posted by Sama in Fails On 16th May 2020

#1 Very smartly played but no thanks

Living in the age of digital media, selling lies has become a very easy thing to do. The tricks done by photoshop and extraordinary marketing tactics can make any common person a fool. But some lies can be painfully obvious. Here are some people who thought their tricks were working on us but instead they made a fool out of themselves.

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#2 My eyes are blinded by the flash of his teeth

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#3 Judging by the empty chairs, it seems like people were not fooled by this name

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#4 Oh dear God, save us!

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#5 There is something terribly gone wrong with this photoshop

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#6 Looks like a knock-off brand of Ferrero Rocher

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#7 Wonder we laugh at this or feel scared

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#9 Wonder what is really the point of photoshopping Starbucks symbol after all?

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#10 These signs are as confused as my direction in life

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#11 With directions like these, what could possibly go wrong

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#12 "Tagged vs Her Instagram post (Taken only a few mins apart)."


#13 Have a great day and laugh a little!

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#14 Imagine being a big hotshot celebrity with millions of followers and not noticing the curtain curving

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#15 Yes same...ugh

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#16 "My mom saw nothing wrong with this candle."

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#17 For all you folks out there...this one is for you

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#18 We didn't know we have a different name for oreos..the "Crunchy Roundies"

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#19 I am having serious trust issues after reading this product details.

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#20 A product for comparison purpose only

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#21 Popsi anyone?

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#22 Major failure reported

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#23 Something is wrong with the dog in the picture

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#24 Offbrand Tom Cruise

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#25 "Nintoddo Socks - Didn't know till after I bought them."

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#26 Photoshop disaster this is

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#27 How can we unsee this failure?

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#28 This is what they mean when they say mirrors don't lie

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#29 Oh alright...

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#30 We must say, very smooth fingers

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