30-Year Old Man Buys Himself A Billboard And Urges Women To Date Him By Applying Through A Website

Posted by Sama in Funny On 9th February 2020

This man from Sheffield, England has taken his search for a date to extreme levels and has displayed himself in a billboard in Manchester, calling out the potential suitors to get in touch with him through his website if they want to date him.


#1 Finding The Perfect Match

Meet Mark, a 30-year old single lad who wants to find his perfect match and deciding to go for wider options, the man has bought himself a billboard to invite people to apply for dating him. He has very confidently advertised himself with the caption "Date Mark."

Desperate to find his soulmate, the man decided to go extreme out there by purchasing a 6m by 3m billboard alongside a busy road in nearby Manchester, all to advertise himself.


#2 Calling Out Potential Suitors

The billboard is featuring Mark sprawled on the floor against a red background with bold letters calling out for potential suitors to take their chance and date the man himself and reach out to him through his website.


#3 Showing His Fun Side To The Visitors

Once you get to the website you will see Mark striking different poses, trying to show his fun and cool side to his visitors. The man has also stated all his facts and in a rather straightforward note, he has mentioned his motive. That is if you are interested, message him on the website and if not interested, then make donations to help him buy more billboards around the country to help spread his message.

#4 "How To Get Women To Like Me"


#5 "Extremely Modest and Handsome"

Mark, who is the guy from Marketing, is upfront about his message. He considers himself "extremely modest and handsome" and claims that he never had much luck in finding love and is now tired of being the only single person among his friends.

Speaking about the response he’s received so far, “Unfortunately, half are men, but I’m still very flattered,” Mark told UK news source Metro.

#6 All The Facts You Need To Know About Mark

Even though Mark failed to mention the most crucial part of his message he still has got over 1000 applicants and counting, so that's not a bad start to it, we guess?

#7 Some Very Frequently Asked Questions

#8 How People Are Reacting

#9 If You Are Interested, You Know Where To Find Him

#10 Not A Bad Response For A Billboard Advertisement

#11 Help Mark To Get Him Advertised Across The Country

So far the massive billboard has cost Mark 45£, so he is hoping that if people are interested in him than they can also help him by donating to the page that could help him getting himself advertised across the UK. With the response he is receiving right now, we believe that Mark will have his hands full for a while.

#12 Public Thinks The Man Is Onto Something