31 People Going Through The Worst Day Of Their Life

By Zainab Pervez in Fails On 6th July 2022

#2 'I fell asleep on my charging cable. I have client-facing Zoom meetings today.'

#3 'I broke my apple slicer and accidentally created a very dangerous apple.'

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#4 'Today is not my day, apparently.'

#5 'I decided to change barbers. I also have a date in 1 hour.'

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#6 'So I ordered a pizza today...'

#7 'I just pulled into our campsite 450 miles away from home.'

#8 'I found a coupon for a free grilled chicken salad and I did this when popping it open.'

#9 'Have kids,’ they said, ’It will be fun,’ they said.'

#10 'How my mom’s surprise birthday cake arrived'

#11 'I missed my breakfast.'

#12 'I found my kid’s watch he lost 3 months ago.'

#13 'I walked around all day with a thong hanging out of my hood.'

#14 'I have a school concert in 2.5 hours.'

#15 'My brother wanted a wireless mouse, and a kid wanted to help.'

#16 'I asked my girlfriend if she ever made a snowman and she showed me this photo of her childhood.'

#17 'What? Why are you still here? What did I throw out in the morning'

#18 “Grabbing breakfast before running to the office on Monday”

#19 “I’m not going the toilet at my job ever again.”

#20 All cats’ thoughts about winter in one photo

#21 “My long boy gets stuck and can’t turn around.”

#22 An incident with starch — it doesn’t look like he’s sorry.

#23 “He accidentally left his sunroof open during the snowstorm.”

#24 “My son did it.”

#25 “Try to walk a mile in boots that are both for left feet.”

#26 “Free business idea: a pasta package that doesn’t explode when you try to open it”

#27 “Somebody must be having a bad day.”

#28 We wonder what happened to the owner of this bag.

#29 “I’m very patiently waiting for my fiancé to wake up so I can find out why there is a bite mark in the butter.”

#30 “A student in my class tried using 4 devices to cheat on a quiz but somehow managed to get the wrong answer on all of them.”

#31 ’’Why would you buy groceries when you can grow your own?’’