31 Rare and Interesting Pictures Of The World History

By Sumaiya Ghani in History On 6th September 2015

1: Santa with a helmet delivering presents during the London Blitz, 1940

2: Tony Kiritsis holding Richard O Hall hostage with a shotgun during a live television broadcast, 1977

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4: Chuck Jones original rules for the Roadrunner and Coyote

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5: A young stud known as John Wayne

6: A possible photo of Confederate cadets during the civil war

8: The oldest known documented wheelie, 1936

9: A german child trying to sell his father’s Iron Cross for cigarettes, 1945

10: The original voice cast of Peanuts

11: The David Hilton family did not want to show their poor house to friends back east, but they wanted to prove they own an organ. Nebraska, 1887

12: Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to fly. 1910

13: A 1930 photo from the statue of liberty’s torch

14: 106 years old woman guard her home in southern Armenia, 1990

15: The first picture of the Andromeda Galaxy in 1888

16: Serena And Venus Williams posing for a picture with former president Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy in 1990

17: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes sledding with then president, Goerge Bush, 1991

18: Dwight Eisenhower was the first US president to use a teleprompter in the 1952 presidential campaign

19: Four-year-old Bill Clinton. 1950

20: The first known picture of the Taj Mahal. 1855

21: Anti miniskirt sentiment in New York. 1966

22: Tom Baker working on a construction site in 1974 before being cast as the 4th incarnation of Doctor Who

23: Stripper in Clearwater , FLA showing the judge that her bikini briefs were too large to expose her vagina to the undercover cops that arrested her. The case was dimissed

24: Adolf Hitler tells a frostbitten soldier not to salute him ( year unknown )

24: Adolf Hitler tells a frostbitten soldier not to salute him ( year unknown )

26: The first photo of the USS enterprise model and the men who build it. 1965

27: A french opium party in 1918

28: Kindergarten teacher Helen Hulick who was a witness to a burglary, was given a five day sentence and sent to jail for contempt only for wearing pants to court to give her testimony. Los Angeles, 1938

29: A child is blinded by the atomic bomb at Hiroshima. 1945

30: At a segregated lunch counter in Tennessee, Elvis Presley is waiting for his bacon and eggs while a woman waits for her sandwich. she is not permitted to sit. 1956

31: The sonderkommando photographs taken secretly in 1944 by an inmate in Auschwitz . and along with a few photographs in the Auschwitz album are the only ones known to exist of events around the gas chambers