32 Things Men Desperately Want Women To Know. #6 and #7 Are Magic!

By Sughra Hafeez in Life Style On 11th October 2015

#1 #3 works occasionally!

So, girls, your smile does wonders to a shitty day that a guy might have had. We love that half smile that you all give.

#2 #5 is so so true!

Those hints confuse because more often than not, they end up as "just friendship" signs!

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#4 Oh, phylosophical

We sometimes are not perverting. Yeah right sometimes we are just not!

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#5 We notice all you are!

Experience can be the best teacher!

#6 That down time!

You can't say goodnight just after saying hello in the sexiest of the manner.

#7 Go brown!

Yes that's what we understand when you run away from the middle of an argument.

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#8 Fine is such a dull word!

You always calculate wrong when you call yourself average! Also, understand the meaning of dating before saying yes! to a guy.

#9 Every good and bad is our friend!

e compromise and so you also will have to. It's just as simple as that.

#10 Keep certain things in your stomach!

Beauty inside is more valuable than beauty outside. Fitness is asked and nature will do the other part! Share with your friends and contribute in "filling the gap" between sexes..