32-Year-Old Prison Officer Has Been Jailed For Three Years For A 'Risky' Romance With A Baby-Killing Double Murderer

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32-year-old Lauren McIntyre sent explicit texts to double assassin Andrew Roberts. She explained how she liked a 'f*** dangerous' experience in one text. She appeared to have begun the Roberts affair to discover information. Roberts was charged with killing partner Louise L'Homme and her infant.


Since she had a 'f*** dangerous' romantic relationship with a convicted double murderer who killed his mother and their baby daughter, a female prison officer was today sentenced for three years.

Lauren McIntyre, 32, sent pornographic texts over one month and also facilitated her convicted boyfriend to beat a fellow prison officer with whom she had once had an affair.

The mother of four-month-old infant twins and a five-year-old was heard sobbing hysterically when she was sentenced as she arrived at Isle of Wight Crown Court on Thursday.

To discover intelligence, she said she started the affair with prisoner Andrew Roberts first, but it then got out of control.

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In 2003, Roberts was accused of strangling Louise L'Homme at their home in Rhondda, South Wales, and their eight-month-old daughter, Tia.

He left the scene, was arrested five days later and, when he was sentenced to two life sentences at Swansea Crown Court, he was just 22 years old.

He's been serving his sentence in Albany Jail on HMP Isle of Wight. After she was assigned to be his main worker, McIntyre formed a relationship with him there.


Prosecutor Gary Venturi today told the court: 'She said she was effectively playing along with Roberts by allowing him to talk to her inappropriately but she insisted there was no physical contact...

'She said it was to set up the notion that he was a prisoner who could be used as a source of information. 

'She said she did not disclose that Roberts had a mobile phone as a way of building rapport...' Mr Venturi said McIntyre, of Ryde, Isle of Wight, said that she offered her phone number to the killer to pass a 'test' and demonstrate that she could be trusted.


The court heard that she also said she didn't erase any of the text messages because of this.

One of the messages from Roberts read: 'Today was hot and risky but I'm so needing you.'

McIntyre, who has a partner of six years, replied: 'So f***ing risky. I like it though.'

In another message, she said: 'I still keep remembering the first time you kissed me.'

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McIntyre also confessed sending Roberts the phone number of Samuel Laidler, a fellow prison officer, as the couple tried to attempt to set him up as the 'corrupt' officer on the wing.

She sent a message to Roberts on the day of the attack, who was "angry and jealous" of Mr Laidler's former relationship with McIntyre, saying, "Do what you have to do."

Sentencing her today, Judge Roger Hetherington said: 'As part of your training you would have received induction training including on the prevention of corruption and inappropriate relationships.

'It is plain that you knew perfectly well what you were doing was completely against both the letter and the spirit of the rules that applied to your employment...

Credit: Ewan Galvin/Solent News

'Even if you initially gained his confidence as a means of exploiting wider corruption you quickly moved on to having a close relationship with him and in that, you passed on information to him and developed a passionate sexual relationship.

'You also allowed another prison officer, with whom earlier you have been having an affair, to be drawn into an attack so he could be assaulted by Roberts...

'There is no doubt due to the gravity of the offending only a significant and immediate custodial sentence can be justified.'


Briony Molyneux, justifying McIntyre, said she was "extremely naive" and was "drawn into the world of Roberts."

McIntyre confirmed four counts of wilfully neglecting to exercise her duties and wilfully misconducting herself in a manner that amounted to a violation of the confidence of the public between November and December 2018.

She also admitted that she had not disclosed to the prison authorities that he had a cell phone, that she had sent him her mobile number, that she had connected with him via mobile phone, and that she had sent him a picture of herself.

HMP Isle of Wight, Albany Barracks, with a population of about 1,000, is a Group B men's prison. Nearly 98 per cent of all inmates are sex offenders.