4 Genius Ways To Fix Your Most Irritating Tech Problems

Posted by Deepak Mamgain in Science and Technology On 23rd March 2017

Gadgets make our life easy and comfortable, but they can also create a lot of problems for us.

We offers you several nonstandard tips that will help you cope with the disadvantages of technology and benefit from its potential by 100%.

#1 Problem 1 : Lots of passwords on a piece of paper

We create new passwords almost every day. If you hope you’ll simply remember them, or if you write them down on a piece of paper, you make your life tedious and put your secret data at risk.


#2 Solution: Password Manager

It sounds weird, but you’ll need one more password to manage the rest of them. Last Pass is the best password manager on the market for now. It’s fast, safe, free, and works both on PCs and smartphones.

The password manager saves your data and automatically inserts it when you log in to any of your accounts. As additional protection, you can enable an alert feature to receive texts every time you log in. These are 2 other good options: 1password and Dashlane.

#3 Problem 2 : Slow Internet speed

How old is your Wi-Fi router? If you have to think over the question for more than 30 seconds, it may be high time to change it. Modern gadgets transmit huge amounts of data back and forth, and if your router is the oldest of all your technology, then you’ve found a reason why your TV series or online games slow down.


#4 Solution: Change the router

A new router isn’t so expensive, but it is an excellent investment if you’re interested in faster Internet.

Choose respected manufacturers such as TP-Link. Some routers have dual-band Wi-Fi: such a router can broadcast two Wi-Fi networks at a regular frequency of 2.4 GHz and at a frequency of 5 GHz. Thus, you provide yourself with uninterrupted high-speed Internet. Almost all new gadgets support new 5 GHz networks.

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