4 Year Old's Girl's Finger Begins To Bleed And Swell, The Girl Later Reveals Shocking Details To Her Mom About What Her Teacher Did To Her At School

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 8th February 2018

Dominique Davis had her four-year-old enrolled in Middle Fork Elementary School's special needs Pre-K class. Mom thought her daughter would be safe and protected in the School. But the horrifying incident her daughter was involved at School, Dominique Davis has started to have her doubts.

#1 Noticing Her Daughter's Swollen And Bleeding Hand

A North Carolina mother reveals that her 4-year old's teacher bit her daughter's hand and has caused serious infection. As stated in the Winston-Salem Journal, Dominique Davis noticed her daughter's hand covered in blood after the girl returned home from School on January 24.


#2 Told A Lie By Her School

The worried mom instantly arranged a meeting with Middle Fork Elementary School and met with the teachers to inquire about her daughter's condition. She was told that her daughter cut her hand on a paper towel holder. The cover story making sense, mom believed it and returned back home.

However, the story was much bizarre than told to the mom. Davis's daughter Arya studies in School's special needs Pre-K class. The little girl later confessed to her mom that her teacher bit her hand at School and she bit it so hard that it started to bleed.

#3 Arya Got Serious Infection From The Bite

Horrified by the new revelations, Davis rushed her daughter to the hospital where doctors confirmed her worst fear, that is Arya got a severe infection on her hand due to the bite. Including the infection from the bite on her middle finger, doctors also discovered a broken finger on Arya's hand.

Distressed mom reveals the infection got worse with time and doctors had to drain it eventually because of its condition.


#4 Davis Is Taking Legal Action Against The School

Appaled by the shocking behavior, the mom has filed a report with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, and Chief Deputy Brad Stanley says Child Protective Services is also getting involved in the investigation. Following her report, the School officials have revealed, they will also launch their own investigation over Davi's allegations. However, so far no disciplinary action has been taken.

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