48 Times People Didn't Realize Who They Were Talking To And Were Slammed Right There

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Fails On 27th December 2020

These hilarious 'don't you know who I am?' moments show how these people didn't know who they were talking to and ended up getting embarrassed. Trust me, from talking to the manager to fire the owner to refusing the tickets to the speaker of the event, you will find a range of facepalm moments here.


#1 Well, dad is the author

Photo: linkcecum / Reddit

#2 You can never fire the owner

Photo: xilstudio / Reddit

#3 No need to buy the ticket when you yourself is the speaker

Photo: Aunty Malorie Blackman / Twitter

#4 Jo Sharp rejected for not knowing the work of Jo Sharp

Photo: Jo Sharp / Twitter

#5 This guy will not tell you

Photo: Rich Froning / Twitter

#6 Yes, yes, yes and yes

Photo: Ross Tucker / Twitter

#7 For your information he is a medical school professor

Photo: Joe Pilot, MD / Twitter

#8 Well, he got some good qualifications

Photo: Amir Attaran / Twitter

#9 Well he is a co-sponsor of the bill

Photo: Brian Schatz / Twitter

#10 He didn't know that Harry served

Photo: John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) / Twitter

#11 She colorized it

Photo: Marina Amaral / Twitter

#12 He was the Mayor

Photo: Bill Krawietz / Facebook

#13 Bad for you he was a talent scout for Marvel Comics

Photo: C.B. Cebulski / Twitter

#14 He was a full-time book reviewer

Photo: Kevin Nguyen / Twitter

#15 She was the friend's wife

Photo: josie duffy rice / Twitter

#16 She is Columbus and it was her own lab

Photo: Linda Columbus / Twitter

#17 He is the video maker man

Photo: Circle Toons HD / Twitter

#18 'Blue Jays' is the source

Photo: Toronto Blue Jays / Twitter

#19 You didn't know you are talking to Stephen King?

Photo: SportyBallFan / Twitter

#20 She was his girlfriend

Photo: Alexander J.A Cortes / Twitter

#21 You are talking to an elected member of the California State Assembly

Photo: Buffy Wicks / Twitter

#22 Now you know Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello was a poly sci major at Harvard

Photo: Tom Morello / Instagram

#23 Do you know she is already doing her PHD?

Photo: 18yearoldgranny / Reddit

#24 Didn't know she is a veteran

Photo: Charlotte Clymer / Twitter

#25 She is the one who led the fight against Ebola

Photo: hideyoshisdf / CBC

#26 This is John Cleese. What about you?

Photo: John Cleese / Twitter

#27 He is undefeated in front of the Supreme Court

Photo: Marc E. Elias / Twitter

#28 You are talking to a Russian

Photo: TestSubject003 / Reddit

#29 At least she feels guilty

Photo: Matthew Federman / Twitter

#30 He is Dave Chilton

Photo: David Chilton / Twitter

#31 It was his viral

Photo: airhead mere / Twitter

#32 Well she is the author of that book

Photo: The Volatile Mermaid / Twitter

#33 That old white male is Ed Solomon

Photo: Ed Solomon / Twitter

#34 Looks like you made a bad move boy

Photo: Shayna Moon, Lich of the Rings / Twitter

#35 Well he is actually a pilot

Photo: ItalianGreyhounds / Reddit

#36 Didn't know Bill already funded WHO

Photo: NotTomBrady / Twitter

#37 Mikael is a Tech Lead for Minecraft Java Game

Photo: slicedlime / Twitter

#38 They are work buddies

Photo: Damien Gayle / Twitter

#39 He is an economic foreign correspondent

Photo: goatermagic / Reddit

#40 You are talking to a nuclear sub technician

Photo: SexyGoatOnline / Reddit

#41 Did you know Mark Hoppus was in Blink-182

Photo: Ḿå℟₭ / Twitter

#42 The barista was talking to Tom Morello

Photo: Tom Morello / Twitter

#43 She went to the Olympics to win a gold medal actually

Photo: Lizzie Simmonds / Twitter

#44 McDonald asking permission from McDonald

Photo: McDonald's Cyprus / Twitter

#45 She is that famous author

Photo: roxane gay / Twitter

#46 This is his field of study

Photo: ScienceVet / Twitter

#47 She is the Pam from the 'Office'

Photo: Spleenzorio / Reddit

#48 Her aunt was talking to a young thug

Photo: balenciagapapa / Twitter