5 Kids Safety Craft Ideas For Parents

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY Published On 16th May 2018

#1 Write Your Number On Child's Hand

If your child is going out alone for school or for playing then here is a safety hack. Write down your contact number with eye liner pen on child's hand and apply liquid plaster on it. Now it's waterproof, if your child overlooked street number then your number will help him to contact with you.


#2 Travel Bag

Things to put in your kids travel bag:

First aid essentials


Emergency Sugar

Your child info card

Your contact numbers

Emergency money(emergency money method is given in end of article)

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#3 Emergency Number Bracelet

Emergency number bracelet is a most ideal method of safety. Make your own bracelet utilizing beads and number beads for your child.


#4 Deodorant Hack

Remove deodorant from inside and let it be empty. Now put hidden goodies in it and let it take with your child.

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#5 Emergency Money

Empty lip balm from stick. Roll cash and embed it inside empty lip stick and let it take with your child.

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