6 Amazing And Useful Lip Hacks You Need To Know

Posted by Muk Khatri in Fashion

Every lady dream of fabulous, soft and shiny lips. The Daily Buzz Mag has gathered the most effective hacks that are discussed in this article. Must read and try!


#1 Hack For Beautiful Soft Lips

Want soft lips? Try this Hack every week for better results.

Take a spoon and pour honey on the spoon as shown in picture below. Apply honey to your lips and use plastic wrap as a mask. Remove plastic and feel loved with your soft beautiful lips.


#2 Create Your Own Lipstick

Want to make your own favourite colored lipstick?

Then take gelatin and dissolve it in hot water. Add food color and apply this mixture to your lips. Wait 10 minutes to dry and then remove sticker as shown in picture below. This lipstick is easy to make and gives adorable matt look.


#3 Hack To Make Lips Bigger

Want bigger lips? Then do it with contouring. Contour your lips as shown in picture below and blend with puff. Now contour your face around mouth and blend it as well. Use lip pencil after contouring on lip line and then apply your lipstick.


#4 Glossy lips Hack

Want glossy nude lips? Try this hack for perfect look.

Put powder on your blender and apply to your lips. Use a light color corrector to your lips. Now apply your light gloss.

#5 Creativity On Lips

Want to do creativity on your lips?

Take fish net stockings and wear it on face. Now apply different shades of eyeshadow to your lips. Remove net and see beautiful creativity.


#6 Hack For Chapped Lips

Tired of chapped lips? Try this hack

Apply toothpaste to your lips and leave it on for 1 minute. Remove toothpaste and get no more chapped lips.


#7 Check out the source video for more info.