6 Brilliant Handmade Home Decor Rope DIY Projects

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 23rd February 2018

#1 Rope Basket



White cloth

Thick rope


Paints and paint brush


1- You simply require an empty basket as shown in the picture above

2- Cover the basket with white fabric

3- Stick the rope with glue on the fabric

4- After sticking the rope to the basket, paint it with your choice of color using a paint brush

5- Your upgraded rope basket is ready

6- This is a great project that is perfect for keeping your stuff

#2 Storage Basket


Cardboard sheet box





1- Take an empty cardboard sheet box as demonstrated the photo above

2- Start sticking the rope with glue to the entire cardboard sheet box

3- Take a new pillowcase of any color

4- Cover the inside of the box with the pillowcase

5- Your rope storage basket is ready

6- This basket is the perfect way to store your stuff

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#3 Decoration Ball


Old plastic bowl



White glue



1- Take an old plastic bowl and a balloon

2- Blow up the balloon inside of the plastic bowl

3- Take the rope and dunk it in white glue

4- Start sticking the rope everywhere throughout the balloon

5- After sticking, leave it for hours to dry

6- Now burst the balloon with a needle

7- Your decoration ball is ready

8- This project is the perfect way to add a little rustic charm look to your home

#4 Outdoor Tire Seats



Colorful rope


Any colored fabric piece



Any decorative item


1- You need to purchase a tire

2- Now wash it

3- After cleaning, begin sticking the colorful rope with glue all over the tire

3- For the seat on the tire, take the plain fabric and foam

4- You just have to cut the foam into round shape

5- Now punch plain fabric on the round foam

6- You can utilize any enhancement thing to adorn seat

7- Put this seat on the tire

8- Your stunning outdoor tire seat is ready

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#5 Wine torch or Mosquito repel


Wine bottle



Stones or Marbles

Citronella torch fuel

Cotton rope

Brass coupling



1- Take an empty wine bottle

2- Stick the rope with glue on half of the bottle

3- You can make it beautiful by including marbles, stones or anything you like in the bottle to give it a radiant look

4- Now pour citronella torch fuel in the bottle

5- Then take a cotton rope and brass coupling

6- Put cotton rope inside the brass coupling

7- Now put the brass coupling in the bottle and light the cotton rope with lighter

8- Your enlivening wine torch is ready

9- You can likewise utilize it as a mosquito repellent

#6 Rope rugs


Colorful thick rope


Adhesive spray


1- Take thick colorful rope

2- Roll the rope as shown in the picture above

3- Go as big as you want

4- Now spray it

5- Your stylish rope rug is ready

6- This project itself is really easy and you can use whatever color schemes you want with the goal that you can coordinate it flawlessly for your room