6 Childhood Snacks That Pretended To Be Pizza

By Muk Khatri in Food On 19th May 2018

#1 Pizzarias Pizza Chips

You might think the Keebler Elves only make cookies, but in the 90's, those little guys also made pizza chips, which came in three flavors: cheese, pepperoni and supreme.


#2 Doritos Pizza Cravers

Doritos paired up with Pizza Hut in the late 90's to release this flavor, which was like an enhanced nacho cheese.

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#3 Pringles Stix

When you needed an on the go snack that wouldn't crack under pressure, you did reach for Pringles Stix in pizza flavor.


#4 Combos Pizzeria Pretzel

These little pretzels have a devoted following, and you understand why once you eat one of these tiny flavor bombs. They came in tons of flavors and are stuffed with real cheese.

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#5 Pizza Goldfish

Goldfish will always hold a special place in our childhood memories, and who can forget pizza goldfish? An amazing twist on an already cheesy snack.

#6 Pizza Pringles

Pringles are never-ending fun(don't tell us you never made a beak out of Pringles) and you can eat a million of them in one sitting. Pizza Pringles actually deliver on that 'za flavor and we want some like right now.