6 Memes That Will Really Brighten Your Day

Posted by Michael Avery in Feel Good On 26th January 2018

The memes you are about to see will make you want to bring out the best in yourself. Take a break from all the negativity to look at things from a positive perspective. Hopefully, these memes help with that. Enjoy.


#1 These cops deserve mad props.

These two officers are the kinds of officers that all who wear the badge should strive to be. They went far above and beyond the normal call of duty to help someone and even stuck around after the fact to clean up. What awesome guys.


#2 What an awesome guy.

This guy's kind idea has gained him much notoriety and respect and it's very much well deserved. This just goes to show you that thinking about others can have amazing rewards.


#3 Everyone could use a hand every now and then.

These students put together these awesome winter survival bags to help out the homeless. What a touching gesture of kindness and thoughtfulness displayed by these kids. They give me hope for our future.

#4 Admitting your mistakes is good. Fixing them is even better.

The fellow below made a mistake while driving. Instead of continuing on his way he went and got the supplies to correct his mistake. That's a quality that many are missing in this day and age.


#5 A bit of motivation for you.

If your friends aren't supportive of you during your struggles they might not be your friends. The same can be said for them if they don't want to congratulate you and celebrate your successes.

#6 What a lovely story.

I read this story recently and it really is touching. It just goes to show you that love is natural and hate is a learned behavior.