6 Personality Traits That Reveal You Were Born To Be Alone

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 19th February 2018

A lone wolf prefers to live his life alone and prefers people not to bother him. He is not really comfortable with social interaction and it can be hard to convey this to an outgoing person. This does not mean that he does not enjoy life, it's just that these people have a different perspective towards life which influences their decisions and priorities. We have collected 6 personality traits of a lone wolf here and if you check through at least 5, then it means that you are a loner who prefers his own company over others.


#1 They Value Time

Loners are people who value not only their time but are also sensitive to other person's time and know the importance of it. They are punctual and efficient and like to do their work on time and are also pretty good at managing everything.


#2 They Dislike Any Situation Which Comes With Drama

Just like a lone wolf likes to live in his own bubble they hate drama equally, as it comes with erratic, irrational behavior and not to forget unnecessary attention. Being a clear-headed person they find these situations childish and time-wasting and rather be doing something constructive than wasting their energy on such useless activity. This is the key reason behind their avoidance from large crowds because let's just say, handling human drama is just not their cup of tea.


#3 They Are Self Conscious As Well As Clear Minded People

Loners are people who have made their own small world in their minds. Their thoughts and their dreams are their sanctuaries, which makes them clear about certain perspectives of life. They know what they want from life and because they are people who observe situation more rather than being a part of it, which makes them highly aware of their surroundings and thus being more self concious.

#4 Boundaries Are Important For Them

Loners have a firm belief in the saying, "good fences make good neighbors." Hence, they have set up certain boundaries in their life and prefer it much if people don't try to pry into their lives and despise it much if people try to cross those boundaries. This comes with an unspoken rule, that is they respect the boundaries set by other people and make sure to respect it.


#5 Intuition And Empathy Are Their Strong Points

Living in their own minds, these people rely on their gut feeling and this is something which is considered as their strong point and they have absolutely no doubt over this. Observing the world as a third person makes them more sensitive towards others and makes them feel others pain more strongly which makes them more empathic towards the society.

#6 Self Love Plays An Important Key Role

Loners live in their own build up castles, where they have the power to control everything from their dreams to their reality. In their world, they have accepted themselves with all their flaws and as compared to reality, have no qualms about it, this acceptance plays a key role in their self-love. This self love allows them to accept people the way they are. All you need is patience to deal with these people and once you have passed that wall which they have made around themselves, then congratulations you are now in their good books and you will treated as one of their own person.