6 Snacks That Are Called By Different Names In Other Countries

By Muk Khatri in Food On 4th August 2018

#1 Lays - Walkers

In the U.K., your fave chip brand is called Walkers and you can buy all sorts of unique flavors there, including prawn cocktail and pickled onion.

#2 Twix - Raider

For decades, Twix was called Raider in Europe. This chocolate adopted the international brand name in 1991 so it wouldn't be left out.

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#3 Burger King - Hungry Jack's

If you want to go to Burger King in Australia, instead you will find Hungry Jack's. When Burger King expanded to Australia, the named was already taken by a restaurant there, so it labeled itself "Hungry Jacks's" after the new Aussie owner.

#4 KFC - PFK

KFC goes by a different name in Canada. Is it PFK. PFK stands for "Poulet Frit Kentucky," or "Kentucky Fried Chicken" in French!

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#5 Dove chocolate - Galaxy

In many countries outSide he U.S., Dove chocolates are called Galaxy. This version of the brand was launched all the way back in 1960!

#6 Diet Coke - Coca Cola Light

Although essentially the same product, mot places outside the U.S. have marketed Diet Coke as Coca Cola Light since the 90's.