6 Snacks That Are Called By Different Names In Other Countries

Posted by Muk Khatri in Food On 4th August 2018

Companies in America often go by different names abroad. Here are a few dizzying examples.


#1 Lays - Walkers

In the U.K., your fave chip brand is called Walkers and you can buy all sorts of unique flavors there, including prawn cocktail and pickled onion.

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#2 Twix - Raider

For decades, Twix was called Raider in Europe. This chocolate adopted the international brand name in 1991 so it wouldn't be left out.


#3 Burger King - Hungry Jack's

If you want to go to Burger King in Australia, instead you will find Hungry Jack's. When Burger King expanded to Australia, the named was already taken by a restaurant there, so it labeled itself "Hungry Jacks's" after the new Aussie owner.


#4 KFC - PFK

KFC goes by a different name in Canada. Is it PFK. PFK stands for "Poulet Frit Kentucky," or "Kentucky Fried Chicken" in French!

#5 Dove chocolate - Galaxy

In many countries outSide he U.S., Dove chocolates are called Galaxy. This version of the brand was launched all the way back in 1960!

#6 Diet Coke - Coca Cola Light

Although essentially the same product, mot places outside the U.S. have marketed Diet Coke as Coca Cola Light since the 90's.